What. How. Why.

You’ve just solved a problem. It’s time to commit.

git commit -m "use os.homedir() instead of ~"

This is a typical commit message that describes the what.

Here’s another one:

remove the trailing slash

What’s missing? Context.

Six months from now you won’t know why you did that, and when you look at git blame you’ll have no idea.

Developers often forget that a large part of being a developer is communicating well. Computers understand ones and zeroes. They don’t need your JavaScript, Ruby, Python, or Rust. We, humans, do.

It’s difficult to process information without context. Why creates that context.

Instead of

🙅‍♂️ use os.homedir() instead of ~
🤩 os.homedir() ensures the path is always resolved.

🙅‍♂️ remove the trailing slash from all the passed in URL
🤩 Ensure consistent URLs by removing trailing slash. This fixes the infinite loop bug.

🙅‍♂️ Add padding to the icons in the menu
🤩 Menu icons were difficult to tap on mobile.

Whenever you git commit, think about someone unfamiliar the codebase reading your commit - what do they need to know to understand the context of your commit.

I know. It’s not easy, sometimes it’s hard. But the future you is going to thank you. People reading your code are going to thank you.