SvelteKit: A static site without admin

Build a static site, but have an admin panel too.

The Token Limit

A reminder that what we consider the norm today is not going to be the norm of tomorrow.

Constructors should construct

Rule of thumb - keep your constructors pure.

Sourcemaps in SvelteKit

How to enable CSS Sourcemap in SvelteKit

Starting a channel

I'm starting a YouTube channel and this is going to be my secret sauce.

Show Up

I went from dismissing habit tracking to building a habit tracker.

What. How. Why.

As you write code, explain the why and not the how or what. Your future self is going to thank you.

Push notifications from the CLI

Sometimes tasks take a long time. There's an easy way to create a CLI helper to send push notifications when they're done.

Dark Mode Toggle

How I built a color scheme toggle using Svelte in Astro.


Writing with simplicity in mind is liberating.

It's actually possible to do more with less.


You should write scripts more, but can't be bothered learning bash?

Take your terminal back with `zx`.


Every line of code increases the complexity of a project, which in turn, decreases the overall velocity.

How to we maintain velocity?

Show your work!

Work in public.

Document - don't create.

Package Driven Development

Pluggable systems are everywhere you look.

Learn from the success around you and apply the principle to your projects right now.

Socket Tunnels

Make SSH Tunnels even better by assigning them to a socket file.

The Pattern Zoo

Concrete examples are important for learning, but many sources are missing good real-world design pattern examples.

Begin Again

My struggle with perfectionism lead me to work in silence and publish nothing for years.

It's time to start for a blank slate.