Stand Out, a bit

As I was scrolling my Twitter feed today, this jumped out at me:

Do you see the genius?

Simon took book covers, arranged them in a simple layout, and then posted a short tweet about each book in a Twitter thread.

Arranging things is genius?

Book reviews are genius?

Posting images on Twitter is genius?

So then what?
You can probably guess by the post title….

Stand out, a bit

Simon could have just posted a 🧵 without an image with book descriptions. And that’s what everyone is doing these days with Twitter threads:

2 years ago, I was exchanging hours for money. Today, I run a 6-figure business entirely online. It requires a complete shift in thinking! These 5 books helped me get there 🧵

Instead, he spent a little extra effort creating custom images for the group of books and each of the books and made it look like it was a part of a series.

All it takes sometimes is a little effort compared to everyone else.

And that is what stood out to me.

To stand out, know where the line is, and then take that extra step.