Facing Failure

My Theme Was Rejected

Before it was approved.

In fact, we’ve had 2 themes rejected on Themeforest for various reasons and only now will I admit that I was angry. I was mad! Mad at the reviewers, counting clicks they’ve made reviewing my themes. Mad at myself for developing something that isn’t approved. Mad at the universe for putting me in this position ( I could just have found a case full of money instead of all this… ). How much did that help? Zero. It only led to

Burning Out

Self pity. Anger. Frustration. Fear.
I experienced it all, and it seems that the more I felt any of these emotions, the more I got similar ones. I thought I am never going to get out of it.

For good reason.

I quit my job in January with very limited funds in my pocket. Having done that, I had a motivator that basically says “either you’ll learn how to swim or you’ll sink” was pretty motivating, until I had to face rejection. Once it was introduced, it was like having someone at the shore shouting: “Give up! You can’t swim, just let go and drown already”. Not motivating at all. Which caused the (what seemed to be the) endless misery.

Just do it.

I have no idea what did it for me. It may be that I was already expecting that. I wanted to say prepared, but you just can’t be prepared for that sort of thing, and you’re not even going to get what you we’re expecting as well.

So after all the rejection, and having our Acid theme also rejected, I just decided that nothing is going to stop me. I will work on the Acid theme until it is approved.

As it turns out. It’s all that was necessary. I could write a book where I could describe all the advice I’ve accumulated from all the literature I’ve read on the subject, but it all really boils down to the decision not to fail.

By that I mean – If you think you fail, you failed. If you decide not to fail at all, you won’t. Or as Thomas Edison puts it:

I haven’t failed. I’ve just discovered 10’000 ways that won’t work.

It’s a really simple lesson. At least it sounds simple. But there is no way you’ll learn it but through experience.