Canon Powershot SX230HS and CHDK

A while back I heard Douglas Kirkland say “The best camera to use ? The one that you have with you.”, and that phrase has haunted me ever since. Even though I’ve wanted to have a DSLR for a long time now, and still haven’t managed to buy one, today I decided that it was time I got a camera. A camera that I can have, and have with me. And I think it is a good starting point at the moment.
I did some research, but apparently not enough of it. I knew that you can’t take RAW images with PowerShot 230HS, and still – the best camera to use is the one you can afford and can have with you, so I decided to go for it anyway. Little did I know, but I accidentally googled around for RAW and SX230HS, and suddenly I found CHDK – Canon Hack Development Kit, which allows you(me) to upgrade the camera to shoot in raw, and not only that! You can have zebra patterns, histogram display, and various other things. I took my time, and jailbreaked the Canon and I’m happy with that find very much. I haven’t gotten any good images yet, but as soon as I make any, I will post them up on Flickr probably.
Anyway – I’m very excited about this, and very thankful for the developers of this magical stuff.
If you want to find out more about CHDK, give them a visit or Wikia –